Authors are encouraged to submit original manuscripts online, which are not presently under consideration at another journal, in a format defined by the author guidelines. Submitted manuscripts are pre-screened by plagiarism detection software both before and after blind peer review, prior to acceptance. The journal allows the author to track and participate in all activities related to the processing of the manuscript, such as the review process, copy editing, layout editing and proofing of manuscripts, which are all managed online. The publisher utilises multiple communication channels such as email, text messaging and telephone calls, with the intent to provide status updates and action requests for authors. For this purpose, we ask that authors frequently visit their user profile and update it with the latest contact information.



Publication procedure

Upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication by the Editor-in-Chief, the editorial staff will work towards preparing the manuscript for online publication.† The first stage involves language editing, after which the manuscript is returned to the corresponding author for review. This is the authorís final opportunity to make text changes to the manuscript and submit a revised version. At a final stage the editorial staff will send the author one set of galley proofs, and the author will have two working days to mark any typographical errors. It may not be possible to incorporate author corrections in the printed version of the manuscript if the author fails to respond to proofreading requests. Authors should visit their personalised homepage frequently to assess the location or stage of the manuscript.