AOSIS is committed to preserving the historical accuracy of all its publications. A correction is not intended to replace the original manuscript as it constitutes the final, definitive, and citable version in the scholarly records. If the error was introduced during the publishing process, the AOSIS Publishing Office should be contacted.


What to do if you have found an error in your article

Authors of the published article must inform AOSIS promptly by submitting a correction online if they become aware of an error needing correcting. If the correction is approved, we will publish its notice and link it to the original article online.


Examples of corrections we would consider including:


Although we consider all submitted corrections, we do not publish corrections that would not affect the article in a material way or significantly impair the reader’s understanding of the article.



How to start the submission process

The correction is uploaded and processed online, so you need to register and login to the journal website. Start the 5-step submission process using one of two methods:

  1. In your My User Home, select New Submission next to Author.
  2. In your My User Home, select Author, and underneath the heading Start a New Submission, select CLICK HERE.



How to submit your correction

Each step is on a separate page. The submission process can be interrupted at any time; when you return to the site, you can continue from where you left off. You can scroll down and click on the Next button to save your work and advance to the next page:


After completing the manuscript submission, you will receive a submission confirmation via email. You can also login to the journal website at any time to check the status of your manuscript.