File format

The document uploaded during Step 2 of the submission process:



The AOSIS house style

The manuscript must adhere to the AOSIS house style guide.



Referencing style guide

The manuscript must adhere to the APA referencing style.




Manuscripts must be written in British English, according to the Oxford English Dictionary [avoid Americanisms (e.g. use ‘s’ and not ‘z’ spellings), set your version of Microsoft Word to UK English]. Refer to the AOSIS house style guide for more information.



Page numbers

Include page numbers in the manuscript file.



Font type

Use a standard font size in any standard font family.



Special characters

Refer to our AOSIS house style guide on mathematics and Unicode font guidelines.



Line spacing





Ensure that formatting for headings is consistent in the manuscript. Limit manuscript sections and sub-sections to four heading levels. Make sure heading levels are clearly indicated in the manuscript text. Do not number headings.